About OneUp Plaza

Welcome to OneUp Plaza

Year Founded: August 31st, 2022

Founded by Alhassan E. Jatta: My motivation for founding OneUp Plaza stems from my experience as a Gambian student studying abroad in Ukraine. I recognized that The Gambia had room to advance in terms of technology and e-commerce. Armed with a degree in computer science and a desire to drive change, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey.”

Oneup Plaza was born out of the vision to not only modernize our country’s tech landscape but also to empower small business owners. We aim to utilize technology to facilitate their growth and make the marketplace more accessible to consumers, all while fostering inclusivity and innovation.

The creation of the business name “Oneup Plaza” represents our core values and mission as a company. The term “One” symbolizes the unity of a group of talented individuals coming together to achieve greatness, while “Up” embodies the ideas of growth, progress, and achievement. With this in mind, our goal is not just to operate as a company, but to redefine the landscape of small businesses by empowering them to challenge larger enterprises.

We envision “Oneup Plaza” to be more than just a marketplace; it’s a symbol of collective empowerment and a platform that fosters meaningful connections within our community. Through our services, we aim to instill a sense of inspiration and motivation in our team, staff, customers, and vendors alike. Our ultimate aspiration is to create an empire that not only thrives but also serves as a catalyst for the success and advancement of every participant within our ecosystem.

Core Values:
We are driven by strong leadership principles, including the willingness to make short-term sacrifices for long-term results and a commitment to continuous improvement.